Luxury Event Security

7 Things you Need to Know about Luxury Event Security

Running an event can be stressful, fun, nerve-racking and exhilarating – sometimes in equal measures! Like most things, preparation is key. Especially when so many stakeholders are involved.
Of course, you want your guests to have an amazing experience, but it’s important to ensure they are safe and secure too. Luxury Events often involve high profile attendees including celebrities, so the utmost security measures must be considered

Yulian Velev
We asked our Security Expert, Yulian Velev, what the most important and sometimes overlooked aspects are. When it comes to preparation, planning and execution of Luxury Event Security, you couldn’t be in better hands!

Yulian highlights the types of events Rossi Security provide solutions for – from Sample Sales, Fashion Shows, Private VIP Events/Cocktail Parties to Store Openings. Meticulous management of security is crucial, he says “it’s like the links in a chain, if one link is broken then the whole operation can be jeopardised”.

Luckily, with his expert help we’ve devised these helpful tips to assist with your security planning:

1) Preparation

All stakeholders should be involved from start of any event planning.
Your Security Partner should carry out a Risk Assessment – identifying areas/people to protect, where the fire exits are, any restricted areas, the protocol for drunk behaviour or illegal drugs and health and safety procedures.
Methods for crowd control and queue management should also be devised, with the number of staff, equipment and logistics clarified.

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Teamwork - links in chain

2) Teamwork

To have a successful event, the responsibility of the Security Team is huge – if one area is weak, security could be compromised.
A well planned and organised system – from queue management to guest safety is paramount.
Security will also need to work hand-in-hand with the Event Team and other stakeholders throughout the process.

3) Avoiding Negative PR

With social media being so prevalent today, any negative experience by event guests can be spread like wildfire.
Clearly communicate any “do’s and don’ts” to invited guests ahead of the event, for example are they permitted to bring a friend or is there space for pushchairs.
Also have an external communications process in place to address any negative comments.

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Emergency Planning Operative

4) Emergency Planning

Don’t rely on inhouse security at your venue, they may not have the expertise or capacity to handle a Luxury Event.
For larger events an experienced Head of Security is needed, plus Fire Wardens and First Aiders.
The process for dealing with emergency services if a terror attack, fire or other incident occurs should be worked out and communicate to everyone involved.


Some venues have old or outdated CCTV systems, and some have none at all. If you need evidence of any incidents would you be covered?
It’s worth considering arranging your own temporary solution ahead of time, and advisable to choose a specialist security provider offering this service.

CCTV camera

Close Protection Operatives

6) Close Protection

If your guests include high profile individuals, they’re likely to have their own personal bodyguards. If so, they would need to work in collaboration with your Security Team for the event.
Or look to your own Security Partner to provide highly trained operatives for this requirement for added peace of mind.

7) Budget

The cost of security for your event should be considered in advance, not as an afterthought.
Security is an essential part of running a successful and safe event and using a trusted and reliable Security Partner should be high on your priority list.
Don’t forget any overnight cover if the event is running for a few days.

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Rossi Security provides carefully planned and professionally executed security for any type of Luxury Event, with skilled individuals on hand for everything you need. We’d be happy to help ensure your event is safe and secure, and of course the presentation of our Officers is second to none!